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July 28, 2006


Robert Lyons

I have been going back and forth about how I feel about Microsoft for years and statements like this always seem to just drive me crazy. When Money & power seem to be all that matter, where does that put a company in conversation about ethics and morality?

Nathan Smith

I think it can safely be said that Ballmer is a bit out of touch:


James Reggio

That statement does not surprise me at all -- SteveB is absolutely crazy when it comes to speaking. He held a forum with Microsoft interns last week and was off the wall. Unless he's delivering a prewritten speech, I believe that he stuggles to organize his thoughts in a professional manner, so it's an amusing coincidence that he compared BillG to Mao. When it comes down to business, though, I hold confidence in the strategic future of Microsoft as communicated by the leaders of the individual business units.

Mark Rose

I think Ballmer is cool. He displays this off the wall zaniness that is the antithesis of the Evil Empire image Microsoft needs to shake. He's a big kid who is bananas about what technology can do. He does not seem calculating and dastardly - purely image-wise I think he works for Microsoft in its tough transistion.

John Swaringen

I've been a M'soft developer for almost 10 years now. Between Bill Gate's "...better things to do on a Sunday morning" statement, the Ballmer chair kicking episode, and this latest statement. I think it may seriously be time to jump ship. Problem is finding a job at the same pay rate.

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