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March 17, 2005


James 'Smiler' Farrer

They are showing it randomnly to users.

Jim Hughes

No need to wait for the randomness, the Gmail invite spooler - http://isnoop.net/gmail - has about 500,000 Gmail invites which are freely available to anyone who wants one.

Robert Brunson

I'm by no means a Big Shot or Important Person (except to my Sainted Mother, perhaps, God bless her soul) and I've had Gmail for over a month. I asked months ago to be notified when available, was invited by email.

Phil Crissman

One possibility; perhaps they found that, despite probably every current Gmailer having about 50 accounts to give away, the user base wasn't growing in a corresponding ratio? That is... perhaps the network of people using Gmail and spreading it further had reached a "saturation point".

I know I have had 50 invites for over a month, but everyone I know who would use Gmail, already has it. The link above to where there are over 500,000 gmail invites amassed, would seem to indicate as much also.

Perhaps the only thing left to do was make it public...



Could you please send me a gmail invite



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