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June 10, 2004


Josh Baltzell

I'm glad to see you turned on comments. I find that people are very good at the "try this" sort of comments when I have a problem with something.

I look forward to some interesting conversations in the future. Especially considering that I am an agnostic marrying a Catholic girl. :)

Richard Tallent

Been following your posts since Scoble linked to you, will definitely have to visit a service next time I'm in Dallas. Our church is getting on the WiFi bandwagon (even in the santuary), it's been great--I can search for quotes used in the sermon, translations I don't have handy with The Online Bible, etc. Eventually I think it'll become as ubiquitous as air conditioning and padded pews and electric guitars, and no more distracting. Finding the right use cases is the key.

Since you have comments on now, I wanted to point out another blog feed that covers the "religion scene" pretty good and usually has some decent comments:


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