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January 07, 2005


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This is very helpful, Brian! Thanks for posting it where we can find it -- a link in your "sample" of greatest posts (one of your own tips!).


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Brian, this is good Business Blog Wire post material. Thanks for the thought-provoking tips. Numbers three, four and seven are all especially relevant to my own blogging and may lead me to change the way I do it.

Great ideas. I've also research the topic quite a bit, your perspective is interesting.

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good infos brian, thank you.

Just wanted to say what a very useful article you have here. I will certainly try to apply some of these tips to my own blog.


Thanks for the tips! I'm just getting into blogging and you've definately gave me some insight.

I just wanted to say thanks for the tips. I'll be looking into applying the majority of them to my own blog.

11. Good anti spam filter :)

Great collection of tips man. But why didn't you mention trackbacking? Its a great way to increase blog traffic too, right?

Thank you writing this. It was very helpful. I really had no idea how to go about it.

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