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January 07, 2005


I would add this: That taking the time to write longer, thoughtful pieces, as opposed to the five-second link, really does pay off. If you give people something they can actually read, they'll link to it. And if you take comments into account you can revise and republish. For instance, here is the first draft of something I wrote about blogs and journalism: http://www.oreillynet.com/pub/wlg/6172, which garnered a few comments both at O'Reilly and on my blog http://rkoman.blogspot.com. I took some of those ideas and revised: http://rkoman.blogspot.com/2005/01/how-osj-could-have-prevented.html

Search facilities on many blogs are abysmal. The free ones are often hopeless and given the number of pages a blog can generate you can often exceed the page limit. MT and WP have good set ups but it's more problematic for hosted blogs. I installed Spiderline a while ago and it is fantastic. Full Boolean searches in fractions of a second with extracts and relevance ratings. I just don't think many people have the time to look through people's archives, regardless of whether they have categories or not. With a decent search engine you can type in 'network security' or 'soccer season' . Result in 0.37 secs!
The downside? It costs 3 times my hosting charges!

Thank you for your insights. It has encouraged me to start a blog about my father and our family's folklore. I appreciate your words if wisdom.
Sincerely, Noran


All great ideas. If I can add an eleventh idea, humbly of course, that would be to create a post of links that summarizes posts you have made on your blog over a period of time, let's say a week for instance. The link summary post is helpful to readers and is a big favorite of search engines.

Nice post with lots of "back to basics" information. The comments others have made provide additional useful tips - in particular those comments about categorization with blogger. Thanks!

Here's a related post in regard to blog promotion:

Why would you want to make your blog so popular when you've got nothing smart or deep or important to say?

There's a minor typo on number 10: The More You Write, the More You'll Have to Write Write About.

...Have to Write About.

Reminder to all +MT 3.12 based on Brian's first point "categories", Remember to enter the category section and fill in the description area per category created.

Very useful. I've read a fair few of these before, but I'll try and take them all onboard - my blog is up and running, but doesn't really get going for a while (I'm going to America for a semester in August, so it's all about applying for visas and shit at the moment). So I'm doing all the groundwork to get an interested audience!

Oh, and I've added you to my RSS viewer.

Good thinking and writing . . .

Who were your source?


It sucks that some popular free blog services does not have "categories" support, so I'm just ignoring the banner ad on my free Tripod blog. The ad is not that big a problem, though.

I've also written a treatise on categories in Blogger.

It's titled Topics Using Blogger.

Now that Google has implement the rel=nofollow tag, I guess your point 9. "Comment on Other Sites and Your Own" may not be very effective.

Google would just ignore the link.

BTW, if you want to implement this tag on a blogger service, look at the code here

Hi!! I have just started my new blog. I had been looking for articles on blogs and after searching the Internet for quite a few days, I finally came to your blog. Your article is extremely useful and informative. I learned a lot of important things about blogs. Keep it up!!

Beautiful post.


I'm following your advice and replying to your posting. I'm new to blogging and like everyone want to get noticed. Your article was the most helpful one I've found to date in how to get the accomplished. Thanks.


keep up the good work!
I'll visit you again....
kindly PM me when you update the blog!
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wonderful blog

I think your report/article is extremely informative. However, I am attempting to delve into the blog thing full fledged myself but I am a little hazy on the whold sydicating out thing.
You might want to expand on that or write a short tutorial and sell it or something.
Thanks a lot though for what you can shed light on,
relationship advice guy
take care, can't wait to see the update.

great post.

on the subject of brevity though (keep it short and to the point), i believe that depends on the purpose of the blog.

if the purpose is to inform readers without imposing on their already packed schedule, yes, please keep it brief. i find myself skimming longer informative blogs.

mine is more artsy, partially a journal, partially to entertain, to inspire, and to that effect, i do run verbose at times.

hint for longer bloggers: if you want to keep the attention of readers, how about not typing all in courier 12 black? be creative. don't let us get lost in a sea of black and white. bold a profound statment. italicize statements of emphasis. give us something to look forward to, a little variety, and i'll read your entire post.

Great points in this article, particularly on clicking your own links and the power of personal ego because blogs are such a reputation-driven medium. You have some very impressive insights on ways to drive traffic to your blog ... definitely advice you follow based on how easy your site was to find on Google!

On the topic of blog brevity (or lack of) - check out my post on the subject at http://rohitbhargava.typepad.com/weblog/2005/06/blogs_and_the_m.html. My point is that relevance is paramount, and if I find a post directly relevant and useful for me, I'm likely to read the whole thing ... no matter how long it is. Keep up the good work.

I don't know how to thank you for these tips. However, I have to say that I will try my best to use them in order to enrich my website and to grab visitors to my blog.

Thanks again.

Wonderful tips! I'd NEVER seen most of these before!

good ideas

I just wanted to say that I am in the process of building a blog titled "Brand Perspectives." Essentially, it is for our clinets (primarily financial service companies and banks). Your advice posted on January 7th, 2005, has been very insightful. Thank you.

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