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January 06, 2005


Interesting - I too have a high percentage with newsgator. The last 24 hours have this as 18.5%. Bloglines is 14.8, My Yahoo 11.1% and Feed-Directory 3.7%. I suppose it depends on your target market; but I also have an 'add to yahoo' button on the site that might make a difference...

I use Newsgator Online...it's very good and easy to use. It has this "clippings" feature that lets you build your own newspaper - kind of. As I scan through all the unread items I mark intresting posts as a "clipping" and the rest as read. When I'm done I go to my clippings category and there are all the ones I'm really interested in reading in one place.

I started using it online to see if I would like their Add-In for Outlook. I've decided I like not having to open Outlook just get my RSS feeds plus online is free.

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