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April 29, 2005


phil crissman

Thanks for the link to the Firefox extension; I had looked idly for something like it awhile back, not finding anything at the time!

I think (though I'm not sure) that blogs are not weighted more heavily by design, but that the google page rank is reflecting the value that the denizens of the net place upon blogs. Not having read the article you linked to yet, by my recollection, google's page rank is a function of the page rank of other pages which link to the page in question. I should go read the article before I start theorizing on how page-rank works, though, I'm probably rusty. :-)

Mark Miller

A great PageRank plugin for Firefox is SearchStatus: http://quirk.co.za/searchstatus/ It not only gives you PageRank but Alexa ranking as well as other tools.

Richard Masoner

I like the PRGoogleBar available from http://www.prgooglebar.org/

Besides being better than the tapouillio status bar, I don't have to point people to a striptease website to get the software.


Darren Geddes

Didnt know what google rank was until yesterday and have been looking for info and tips on how to up my ranking. I found the google toolbar a great help with this and also found a really great article at this website which has lots of info on ranking and how to improve on it. http://www.akamarketing.com/google-ranking-tips.html

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