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May 09, 2005


I would suggest enabling comments. You could use the Typekey integration, which kills a lot of the spam. Most people don't want to signup for an account, login, and -then- comment. If you really wanted to be paranoid, I believe there is an email-confirmation comment service or you can manually approve comments.

My point is that comments are part of the heart of a blog (and by proxy, a blogosphere) and to not have them is to say that you don't want to hear from your readers, one of the main reasons to blog in the first place.

I think you would do well to read the interview on the Red Couch blog with the people from Church of the Customer:


I think it says a lot in terms of what commenting is all about (Their number one question asked? "What do you do about negative comments..." Their answer is worth reading, knowing, and considering.

I was really interested in seeing how the Fellowship Church community was going to respond to the blog, and what comments they had on the stories posted. For example, I was interested in reading some parent's comments from the kid baptism story. But then, the comments portion was missing, and I was let down.

Blogs are a two-way street. You're missing half of your goal here. Put in a few safeguards and I think you'll truly see its potential.

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