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October 28, 2005


Arlan, SpG

That's a great point Brian. Could our conversations be that way, too? Always speaking in Techisms instead of in a way that most people can understand or relate to?

What's a Blog? (An Online Journal)
What's an iPod? (An Mp3 Player)
What's a Podcast? (An audio Mp3 file)

And maybe this is still not simplified enough.


I agree with the first thing Arian said - great post Brian.

I disagree with the rest of it though.

(1) Blog.

Hmmm... toughest one to refute. Particularly since when I hear the word verbally it makes me cringe like someone using fingernails on a chalkboard. Still - the very act of committing to regularly posting to a blog implies a certain bit of technical expertise.

(2) iPod.

Do we call it tissue paper or kleenex? Adhesive bandage or bandaid? (I'm making a point by not capitalizing things.) Besides....

(3) Podcast.

So your alternative is to use "MP3" instead? And exacctly how many more human beings would recognize that term instead?

Now as to Brian's thoughts....


Very tough. My first thoughts tend to a nod and a smile. But that is tough to convey in a still image. How about a handshake? Yes, lame. Okay, how about a parent holding a newborn?

Plug in.

The sports metaphor is a football huddle. Or maybe not.

Okay.... explain to me... in three sentances and 25 words top, the difference between these two terms. Maybe then I might have some better ideas!

My take? Connect involves the church reaching out to people, and plug in involves people reaching towards the church for guidance.

Is that close?

Brian Bailey


There usually isn't a difference between "plug in" and "connect" - they're often used interchangeably. Sometimes "connect" means small groups and other relational opportunities while "plug in" is more get involved (classes, volunteering).

The main thing is to just show people - not big crowds and not stock photos - just real people serving, learning, worshipping, and sharing.

Arlan, SpG


I know what these things are. But, I'm amazed at how many conversations I have where people have 'heard' of these things but have no real knowledge of 'what' they are. And a few didn't even acknowledge it until I noticed the blank looks on their faces. So, in line with Brian, I'm saying that we can do a much better job of connecting & relating with non-techies by using different pictures, words, & analogies in order to communicate. The goal is to connect. If we don't connect, there is no communication.

Brian - sorry, I wasn't trying to get off topic...rather just extend the application of it.

Matt Morgan


Great thoughts...nailed me right between the eyes. Just sent out an html email this week that had an article about "plugging in"...the graphic? an outlet...crud...

Its about people...not cool photoshop images...one day i'll get it. :-)


Sound Doctrine

My personal beliefs on an effective web ministry is to show the people of your church on the website. Inanimate objects such as tech gear or your buildings do not give a sense of invitation but showing people worshiping God or involved in various ministries shows that your church is indeed living.

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