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January 30, 2006


Jon Issler

I have actually been reading several of these same blogs and have now added a few more from your list. Some addition feeds I read (not so much blogs) are:
- Tech News: http://slashdot.org
- World/US/Science News: http://newsvine.com (currently by invitation only)
- Tech/Science News: http://digg.com

Joshua Blankenship

I don't think Signals Vs. Noise has been about building software for months.

Chris Marsden

Personally I would read mine, but if I wouldn't, I shouldn't be writing it. But three that you don't have are Jason Powell's Blog[http://jpowell.blogs.com/jason_powell_church_it/] (a lot of tech and IT stuff), Dave Ferguson's Blog[http://daveferguson.typepad.com] (new to the blogging world, but church innovator and all around good guy/writer), and Guy Kawasaki[http://blog.guykawasaki.com/] (a lot of good leadership stuff). There are also a couple that I subscribe to that I couldn't live without, but may not fit what you look for in a blog. Fusionlife[http://www.fusionlife.org], Casting My Net[http://castingmynet.blogspot.com], and Dilbert[http://www.dilbert.com].


That is a quandary.

Brian Bailey

Jon - I've heard a lot of good things about Newsvine. I look forward to trying it.

Joshua - I disagree about Signal vs. Noise. They've been posting a lot of great stuff from the upcoming Getting Real book. I've found it enormously helpful. Of course, there are many, many posts on other topics as well.

Chris - I'm a fan of both Jason and Guy's blogs. Thanks for the rest, I'll check them out.

Jonathan Blundell

I'm a big fan of Dallasblog.com. I don't live in the city limits anymore, but I still enjoy the various commentaries and postings about Dallas and the Dallas area.

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