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January 03, 2006



Web authoring: DreamWeaver 8
Site Hosting: LunarPages
Forums: phpbb
Blogging: Blogger/TypePad
CSS Books: Eric Meyer's Definitive Guide to CSS, Rachel Andrew's CSS Anthology
Surveys: phpSurveyor
Online reference: SitePoint


They use MySQL but I can't find any related entry on 37signals' blog. However, they promote MySQL with Ruby on Rails and David use CocoaMysql in the screencast on rubyonrails.org.


Happy New Year!

Matt Murph

Very interesting! Thanks for posting. I read the list and I think they made excellent decisions on all list items except their payment gateway. I was shocked to see Authorize.net is their pick. Card Service International's "LinkPoint" gateway is absolutely superb. And CyberSouce is also a Grade AA gateway. My experience (in multiple scenarios) with the Authorize.net makes me think that if I was stuck on an island, all by myself, and the only payment gateway available was Authorize.net.... I'd close up shop and move on to spear fishing as a career and accept coconut shells as payment. Coconut shells are surely more robust than Authorize.net.


Do you think all these new payment processors will build trust.

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