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February 23, 2006


tony morgan

Brian, I broke into a cold sweat as I was reading this post, because it reminded me of the dreaded days when I sat at my computer and wondered, "Why in the world did I commit to writing this book?"

Just wanted to let you know, though, that there are several of us that can't wait to see the results of your labor. It's going to be a valuable resource for church leaders. Can't wait to get my copy!



Tony: Nothing like some good old-fashioned empathy from someone like Tony Morgan to make my day! I appreciate that a lot, Tony, especially coming from a top-selling author and Fox News affiliate like yourself.

Here's God's sense of humor, though. You'll never guess what I spent my time doing today...editing your podcast interview for the book! Yes, Blogging Church readers are going to be treated to 1,000 words of Simply Tony wisdom.

I think this means you don't have to pay for your copy :)

John Swaringen

Sleep? We don't need no stinkin sleep.......


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