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February 10, 2006


Nathan Jones

I noticed it up last night -- had kept checking back in anticipation of the new launch.


I'm very impressed! You have once again set the bar very high :-)

Jimmy Williams


Wow, the new sight looks great! Great job!

P.S. Thank for letting me spend some time with you at C3 during the tech chat, that truly was an awesome conference! I enjoyed the conversation and insight into how you guys do things! Great job on the sight, it looks amazing!

Brian Wikene

As USUAL you guys raised the bar again. Congrats on the new site. I love the user interface and accesibility.

David Russell

Right on, Brian! Very nice job. The UI is quite nice and the simple design is extremely appealing! Love the fact that it is standards compliant as well. :)

Great work!


Love the new site, looks very cool.

However, one thing I noticed. You should probably specify background colours on your menu items so that people who don't load images will still see the menu. That also works for people for whom the image takes a while to load as that's the way I discovered it.

Also, you mentioned chat, but I couldn't find it on any of the pages I was looking at. I didn't log in or create an account though.

Brian Bailey

Nathan: Thanks a lot! We just want to build the best site for FC, but it's great if it can help and/or influence other churches as well.

Jimmy: It was great talking with you. Glad you like the site.

Brian: Accessibilty was one of the major goals. If you can find a copy of Netscape 1.0, you might even be able to use that :)

David: Thanks, I really value your opinion. I enjoyed your thorough review on your site.

Ko: We'll take a look at the background images suggestion. The site works without styles (on a cell phone for instance) so I'll be interested to see what you're referring to.

There is a link on the homepage to the chat, but only when we're available to help :) It will be live throughout next week during working hours.



I might not have made myself clear, I was talking about setting up a default background color on your image so that you can read the menu text even when the background picture is turned off.

In technical terms: in the CSS, on your #page selector, change background-image property to be something like this
background-image: #333 url("../images/home_background.jpg");
or add this property
background-color: #333;

This means that if someone doesn't load your image, they still get a background color which allows them to read the menu items.

This was taken from Dan Cederholm's book "Bulletproof Web Design" p135.

I'm in Australia so I'm guessing that you're only on chat when i'm asleep. Oh well.

Paul Morriss

I'm from the UK and I've heard it said that there is a wider cultural divide between us and the US than between US and continental Europe, even though our languages are similar :-)

One of the things that slightly jars when I visit the new site is the prominence given to the pastor. I'm not passing judgement on that, just noting a cultural difference. (There's a subject for an essay - "Culture is morally neutral - discuss".)

I'm curious as to your thinking behind giving Ed (can I call him that?) such prominence? How important is he to the church? If he moved on, would that be a major event or just a change of a staff member? In the UK the major denominations I'm familiar with - Anglican, Baptist, Methodist - all have a tradition that the pastor/minister/vicar moves on to another church on a regular basis - every 3 to 10 years say. Is it different in the US? Are churches like yours different to the denominational churches?

It's a bit off-topic when your focussing on the redesign, but I've been wondering about those things for a while.

John Swaringen


Having followed FC.com for a number of years now, I'm very excited about the new look and feel. You guys have done a wonderful job, and it's really sweet...

I for one, and probably others, would love to see some articles written about some of the issues you faced when doing the custom CMS. It'd be a big help to me and others I'm sure.


Stephen Rylander

Looks and feels great. I'm a .NET developer but know that the platform doesn't matter...it's the vision and the execution that count and you guys hit it right on. Great work!!


I see it was hard work to do. But now you can feel relief that you accomplished such a task.

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