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May 23, 2006


Phil Crissman

1. Good question. I've heard/read that, and I always found it strange; at first I presumed that it was people just being, well, ignorant (in a nice way). I've since heard even people refer to reading or commenting on weblogs as "blogging", which I also found odd. I guess it has weasled its way into some sort of common use though. I blame MySpace. ;)

2. w00t. French Toast is the ultimate way to consume eggs.

3. I had not realized that. :)


eloy ramirez

looks like you mind needed a short respite from "The Book"...


1. is that like when 'chai' became a verb?

Marcus Monroe

I still have mine listed as "weblog".

Kent Shaffer

Personally, I like powdered sugar and lots of it on my french toast.

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