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October 04, 2006


L.L. Barkat

L' chaim!


You forgot to mention fear of airplanes, spiders, or triscuits.

Markus Watson

Yikes! That's kinda disturbing...


Love the spinach remark.

Yes it is quite disturbing. I suppose soon we will all have a new genre of insurance to purchase, because there just aren't enough already. They might call it Age insurance. It would compliment Health, and Life insurance but age insurance could be bought at age 60, and if you live to 70 you get certain payouts for "long living" claims. And then at 75, you get another claim's payout. You know since you didn't save, or your 401K, SS, pension... bla bla bla didn't provide enough.... Age insurance could take up the slack.

I suppose my sarcasim is only a product of the fact that you can pretty much by insurance for anything and everything... why not buy it for your age and life expectation?

p.s. Is the font on your blog getting bigger and bigger each time I visit or is it just me?


Boy, this world continues to spiral downwards.

I agree with Murph in the insurance scope, because security sells. Too bad these people don't realize that Jesus Christ is all the security you'll ever need :)


Crys: I'm afraid I've haven't experienced fear of triscuits, but airplanes and spiders sound perfectly reasonable.

Matt: You mean you don't already have Age Insurance? Think of your new baby, man! Don't be irresponsible.

Josh: Amen!

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