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December 17, 2006


I want one, too. And I think Newt is on the right track.

Hi Brian,

Sorry to post in a comment, but where has FC video streaming of sermons gone? Will it be back?

All political systems are flawed. This is because man is inherently flawed.

The key is to look for the one that is the least flawed - essentially the least of many evils. In this light I would have to say our system is the least evil of any I have seen.

A democracy where the people actually do rule would be a total disaster. A mob cannot rule anything. In that light it is clear that our "Democracy" is nothing more than placing "the people" in opposition to the rulers of the country as a "check/balance" in our systems of checks and balances. The real governing is done by our politicians. Our checks and balances system is there to help provide equilibrium in a system that pits opposing forces against each other. This is the only kind of system that can work in a sinful world.

Because of this, the campaign process is merely a pointing out of one group's flaws by the other group. Without this process we wouldn't have a clue what is wrong with one group or the other. While negative campaigning seems annoying to us, it is in reality a service provided by the campaigners to the voters. Negative campaigns check and balance each other while positive campaigns would provide no such service.

We certainly don't want opposing forces cooperating too much or we'll know the system isn't working correctly. This is why all this talk of bipartisanship is mere demagoguery.

Your dislike for the American political process is actually a dislike of sinful human nature rather than a dislike of our political system.

In heaven we'll all be communists.

My view is probably not a popular one.

I believe that voting is a priviledge that should be earned. In order to vote, much less hold public office, one should demonstrate they value something larger than themselves through public service. This would be done in one of two ways:
1) Military service or
2) Civil Service Corps

Given our current political structure, nothing will change as long as we cling to the shadow of a two party system. While I belong to a minor part, I completey agree with Brian's assessment that because we are flawed, even our best political system will be also.

The only true resolution to this is the return of Christ.


It sounds like you are a reader of Robert Heinlein. That view was very prevalent in many of his books.

I can't say that I disagree.

The original system required land ownership to vote. While this doesn't provide the same test of altruism, it does effectively increase the average IQ of the voters. It also eliminates the problem of the lazy voting for those who will forcibly redistribute the productive people's earnings.

I think you're correct. The right to vote should be earned.

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