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January 21, 2007



Me too!
I've checked and checked over the course of the past few years and finally last week discovered I can 'XRT. In fact I'm listening now.
Hooray for technology...even if I have no idea how it works I still love it!
Rock on!!
WXRT is really something special. A listener since 1972. Geez that makes me sound so OLD.

Dennis Vernon

I feel lucky that I was there when they put the tower up at 4949 West Belmont at the XRT radio station. I lived my first ten years of my life at 4959 West Melrose directly across from Foreman High. I have lived away from Chicago since 1984 and have not found the eclectic music choices or sophisticated disc jockey's that XRT has. I too now stream my XRT from Hilton Head, South Carolina. and finally am not frustrated by the radio wasteland I live in (except for National Public Radio) which is all I listen too if in the car). Cheers to you guys especially the "Regular Guy".

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