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February 16, 2007


Rich Kirkpatrick

Well, it must be! I was about to buy a copy, since I have been following your blog and all and....one APPEARED in all the mail boxes in the pastor mail room at my church! (Our church blogs, by the way...)


Glad I ordered mine from Amazon on Wednesday!

Looking forward to it getting here. I want to start up a blog for our youth ministry and looking for some insight in this book.


Now that is exciting! I am happy to here of the book's success. I am not a pastor, and I am a blogger... so though I don't fit the mold of "church pastor not yet blogging" I feel like I will still need to read it! The quotes that you have posted have pushed me over the edge! Congrats! Your "territory" is certainly exanding (borrowing from Jabez).


great news. i ordered mine, but have heard good things. i think i will be usingit to lead a intro to blogging workshop for our presbytery.

can we add our names to the pastors and churches who blog?

rev. bruce reyes-chow

mission bay community church


Kem Meyer

Congrats, Brian. That's pretty quick to be sold out on Amazon and onto the second printing. I'm proud of you. Good job.

Brian Bailey

Thanks everyone! I really the kind words and support. You've made the book what it is.

dan ohlerking

too cool, man. we're heading into our own book project here and i certainly hope it has similar success. reading your blog through as you went through the process of the book has been a reality check as well as an encouragement to us.


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