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April 13, 2007


I totally agree with your sentiments. I started blogging with the intention to be open and honest with my faith and how it relates with my finances. But there have been times when I was timid to be forward with my views on the tithe and stewardship because I was afraid I might turn people off. Guilty of caring a little too much about readership.

But ultimately, I've wanted my blog to be an honest glimpse to both Christians and non-Christians of what a follower of Jesus might look like. And in the end, that's is what it's all about.

Preaching to the choir! One of the ways i have FORCED myself to step out of my normal blog world is to subscribe the RSS feed of TypePad's daily "Featured Blog" I try to not just stop in a drop a note, but to get to know some folks with whom i might not otherwise cross paths.

Yep, you nailed me on this one, too. I feel like I've made 2 or 3 meaningful connections with people since I started blogging, but it is so easy to be lured into delusional thinking about how much more wonderful life would be if I could attract just a few more readers today...

What a waste of time that is. It can really become a vanity game.

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