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November 01, 2007


Derek Berg

You must have been sending a bit too much traffic to them, at 7:30 EDT there site was down. Sounds cool though!

Gregory Pittman

Yes, ever since they went live with version 3, they've had a hard time keeping up. That must be a nightmare for them, and it likely will be their downfall. You can't announce a big upgrade and then have as much technical difficulty as they've had.

Brian Bailey

I've posted multiple times today, so it's hasn't been a complete outage. I'm sure there's many things that need to be addressed with the new version, but this is nothing close to their downfall. This is a free service built by a small team for casual use. I'll accept some downtime, especially during major transitions (especially this one, whose whole point is to turn it into a more reliable, and profitable, tool). As I said, Tumblr should be compared to "professional" or "enterprise" solutions - I don't think I would run a business blog on it right now, but it's more than adequate otherwise.

Plus, if Zooomr can survive it's horrific downtime earlier this year, there's always hope! And this isn't remotely comparable so far.

Phil Crissman

I like tumblr as well; I rarely post anything directly with it, but most of the other feeds associated with me are being imported there, so in some sense, it might as well be one of my main "blogs".

A very good tool. As with some other tools of its nature, I'm wondering... how is it generating any income? I don't see any ads, or subscriptions.

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