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January 09, 2008


Thanks for living up to my expectations. :) Great post. Great post!

Excellent analysis Brian. To my thinking, a third-party candidate's role has always been as a spoiler. Even Teddy Roosevelt, a former president was a spolier when he ran for the Bull Moose Party, and no more.The question is who would Bloomberg spoil it for. That's a tough call.

Terry: Much appreciated! Thanks for waiting :)

Shel: Thanks for your feedback. Everyone says repeatedly that Bloomberg will only run if he believes he can actually win. Now, believing and doing are two very different things.

I believe he has a broad enough appeal that in the perfect scenario, that would be possible. But I do tend to think that he would take more votes from the Democrats (particularly Clinton), which could then tip some states to the Republican in the spoiler scenario.

To Terry,

Bloomberg doesn't spoil it for anybody. Bloomberg wins.


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