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January 03, 2008


Although I'm not a 100% Ron Paul fan, I share your sentiments that he's a phenomenon. His web star status is about to show us something very interesting about the virtual world.

Can web fame translate into real-world results? Were Paul supporters really spamming online voting? Are the media-covered polls as accurate and dependable as everyone thinks?

He won't win it, but he'll beat McCain, I think, which will surprise all the media folks.

Brian - I've been enjoying seeing the transformation of leaveitbehind into a political commentary blog. Lots of great thoughts and links! Keep it up.

Scott: It's going to great to finally see what Paul's true support is in the only competition that actually matters. If he hits third tonight, it will be a pretty big story.

Andy: Thanks a lot for the feedback. I'm still undecided about the long-term focus, but it's been fun to spend a few weeks in the political trenches.

Brain, great post! I love your thoughts and ideas....I will be following your Twitter tonight for sure. I have totally gone NUTS over all of this the past few weeks and I am having a blast right now. XMRadio is amazing to follow this.

I am taking your lead, and crafting my predictions right now. Thanks for the great idea.

Finally...I am very interested in learning more from you about your support of Obama and McCain. Wow, great guys but SO different. I look forward to reading more from you.

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