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October 19, 2008


your doubts about the democratic congress steamrolling obama seem well founded. I'm surprised you can support the lurch toward socialism.even if he is a good man how can a conservative stand behind the most liberal senator in congress. good luck with your choice.

Awesome post. I've been really curious about your decision, mostly because I know (and admire) the huge degree of thought you've put into the process.

A third party candidate vote is not a protest vote if the candidate most accurately reflects your own views and values. I consider it more throwing away your vote to choose one of the 2-party candidates if they do not represent your own beliefs.

Thanks for the feedback guys, I appreciate it.

Doug: I can't see how "socialism" applies here as anything other than a scare tactic. I certainly see the federal government growing ever larger, especially in what has happened in the last 8 years (prescription drug benefit, homeland security) and the incredible intervention in the economy of the last few weeks. Bush and McCain (cap and trade) are not different enough to call one socialism and the other free market capitalism.

Scott: thanks a lot! I've enjoyed our political conversations. The next post is more specific about the why.

DP: I agree, and was someone who wanted both Mike Bloomberg and Ron Paul to run as independent candidates. I wish there was true competition with the major parties. There is not a third party candidate I could support in this election however.

You must be busy. It's been a few weeks since you posted! I'm glad to see your posts on Obama. It's got me thinking.

Glad to hear it, Brian. I thought it was important to share how I came to my decision, but there's an equally strong case to be made for McCain.

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