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June 14, 2004


I didn't feel the need to respond with a hate-filled diatribe, but I was a little tempted to sell your email to the highest bidder. You know I have to stop right here and be a little honest - I don't know what a diatribe is, and that very well may be why I didn't respond with one. I'm sorry.

Your response was great, I loved it. It's all about connecting with people and getting in those small groups. It's the relationships that make all the difference, and the only way to make new ones is to get new people in there. God has blessed your church with numbers for a reason.

By the way, Evan works about 21 feet away from me. He hasn't been to my church yet, but hopefully someday I'll get him to try it out. You really can't know what it's like until you get in there and throw some elbows. A church can be filled with genuine believers regardless of the size.

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