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July 22, 2004


Nice stuff Brian. I must say, I really appreciated your post about my little site, it brought in quite a few readers (some still hanging around, nonetheless).

I would like to note that Blogger (my current blog tool) has no way to classify posts. In that regard I wonder how best to do that without installing Movable Type (I am so ashamed that I have yet to install it successfully. It seems to have such weird prerequisites and perl necessities...is it really that hard?)

What advice would you give to someone with a Blogger or Livejournal-like interface where classification is not an option?

Thanks, Evan... I'm glad I was able to share the love!

I tried Blogger and found the same limitation (among others). I have also heard that MT can be quite an install, though I've yet to try it myself.

Radio Userland, Manila, and Typepad are my primary experiences, and all do a great job of supporting categories. In fact, Radio is even better than Typepad and has some features I miss.

The only other alternative I know of is to simply create more than one blog - one for each subject or audience. But I know that is not a satisfying answer!

Heheh. It worked. I saw you in the referral log.

E-mail me when you have an interesting post or just want to chat.

- MikeK

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