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July 29, 2004


While I agree it was a bit scattershot with topics jumping all over the place, I do feel it was a very good speech that certainly had its moments (the healthcare plan, finally making a stand on the military issue, the economic plan).

But what do I know, I'm a liberal type of guy :) I can't wait to cast my vote for him, I think he'll be a great leader in contrast to Bush and his warmongering ways...

Is it just me or is John Edwards a much more effective speaker?

I am rather conservative and have voted Republican in every Presidential election. I just caught the speech on C-Span. I thought it was very good. Inspiring.

I thought he was clear on God's role in America as well. It surprised me when he said, "God isn't on our side. As Abraham Lincoln said, 'We should be on God's side.'" Everyone stopped and cheered.

My skepticism though wonders what young speech writer knows how to push my buttons. And how much of John Kerry is still idealistic and means what he just said.

i could not agree more! the democrat in our house actually fell asleep during the much anticipated speech. at the most over-choreographed convention ever, kerry was by far the biggest miss-step.

i was completely unimpressed in the actual delivery. he repeated the first line of nearly every paragraph, while other speakers had timed their comments to allow for applause and cheering to not interfere with the message. although i do give kudos to the CBS coverage that was very quick to point out the flaws of this performance.
and in a very nixon-esque moment, kerry seemed to be melting before our very eyes. this should be a lesson to public speakers and butox users everywhere.

kinda makes you wish the ticket was edwards/kerry or edwards/obama or oh yea, bush/cheney.

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