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September 11, 2004


Outstanding post! I have so much to say on this topic, but I think that you covered it quite well. Someday, many doubters will realize that behind all the lights, plasmas, and technology is something called life-change. And at Fellowship it is truly happening... Not because of us, because of God. God, we give you all the prasie and glory!

It seems to me that Fellowship Church not only has a unique view of presenting biblical lessons but also a completely original way of assembling an IT department ... far beyond a pack of techno-geeks who relate to machine better than man, the Fellowship team seems to have what other corporations and churches are missing ... heart.
I know my comments to Russ would not have been as gracious. Kudos for talent and tact.

Phyllis - ouch ;-).

Brian was very gracious ... though I thought I tried to be reasonably careful in my post? I could only go on what was offered in Robert Scoble's post and my not inconsiderable experience with many mega-churches. Many churches of all sizes, for that matter.

I hope this post soothes any hurt feelings -


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