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October 09, 2004


This is a very excellent report on your part and I believe that a good deal of thought and fairness was put into it. I do have 2 comments:

1. How do we know that OBL made it out of Tora Bora alive? We know that other's of his ilk are alive, but we do not know if OBL is alive.

2. 5 Trillion dollars is meaningless. It is like talking about the speed of light or the distance form here to the Sun. We know what the numbers are but we will never, in our lifetime, at least, affect a change in those numbers. For people to think that we had a surplus of 5 Trillion dollars is absurd. Let's remember that,back then, there were also stocks in companies that were worth $300.00 a share and the companies do not exist today. I don't believe anybody squandered 5 Trillion dollars. I believe that we were all riding a wave that finally came ashore.

Kind Regards

Thanks for your kind words, J. These are two very good points...well said.

I'm eager to see if Bush responds to them tonight in the final debate.

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