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November 10, 2004


Blockbuster refuses to e-coupons in Rochester, MN. The Franchisee claims corporate isn't reimbursing at a fair rate. Corporate responded by offering me more e-coupons (which are not redeemable).

HAHAHHAHA. . . That's funny! Coupons that aren't redeemable. Sorry, I know that's frustrating and I feel your pain.

They also don't ship movies they show as available in your queue thanks to the new distributions centers they've opened to make their service faster and more efficient. See, if it isn't stocked in a distribution center near you, it shows as available, but will NEVER ship - because. . .it isn't in a "distribution center near you." But, will they tell you that? No, they just say, keep your queue filled so we can pick movies from a "distribution center near you" for faster service.

Well, what if I want the movie from a distribution center furthest from me? Tough luck. What if it isn't available in their physical stores? Well, online customer service will send you a lot of coupons for in store rentals the more you complain about the movie they won't send you. I've gotten 6 free movies to date, and a one week extension on my membership.

Unfortunately, even if the coupons can be redeemed, the movie you really want to see still ISN'T Available in stores either.

Best bet, buy the movie and sell it on Amazon when you are done watching it. It is a much cheaper route if you weren't interested in watching the full stock of Blockbuster movies avaialable in a "distribution center near you" while waiting for an available movie to never ship.

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