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January 28, 2005


Great post Brian.

Although I don't have kids yet that's a great poignant reminder - even more so as I'm getting married in August and I can see the same problems developing with her and my distraction of the computer.

I just read that to her and she (who moans about the amount of time I spend reading blogs) says that's the most useful post she's seen yet :)

Awesome and (dare I say) poignant post Brian. I've done this many times with Annie, my 2 year old, and this post alone has really opened my eyes a bit.

Thanks :)

Thank you for this post.

This is why we live.

Thank you for the sweet memory of John. Life is for learning isn't it? I hope your lovely mother is doing well.

Ouch! But good ouch. Thanks. They won't be in the house that many more years that we can squander the time...blink and they'll be in college.


I just ran across this article and wanted to thank you for it. As a father of 2 and a worship director, I find myself having to deal with this issue quite a bit. Thanks for the reminder!

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