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January 22, 2005


So, what did they think?

The first session loved the Scoble story (for some reason, most of the bloggers came to that one). There were a lot of knowing laughs and nods of approval as I explained how blogs give you a strange sense of knowing someone (the fact that you were in Dallas for a wedding) and shared my shock when you called my cell phone. Terry and I both raved about your near-verbatim transcript posted less than 24 hours later and the numerous times you have stood up for Fellowship Church against attacks from Christians and other churches!

Of course, the point of the story, besides making me look good(!), was that blogs provoked a conversation about church in new places, and on a far wider scale than the best church website in the world could achieve.

That's great. Hey, if you're ever up in Seattle, let me know!

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