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February 12, 2005


that's the quandry. you can never impact the world by secluding yourself. i have to continually balance keeping items on my blog roll that i disagree with, just so that i know what the debate is. excellent insight Brian. (youth can teach adults many things)

Great post Brian.

Tall white Christan male husband dad reader learner (sorry I couldn't stop at 5)

Few things are better than an authentic voice; one who speaks from their heart. Much of the time the voice of authenticity is spoken on blogs without the label of "christian".

Authentic people, some who may be sincerely wrong, challenge my view points and make me think, which almost always makes me a better person.

excellent insight. i was going to start my own blog but have to put that on hold while i re-evaluate my blog list and research new sites ;)

Brian, your insight sat in the back of my mind for a few days. I haven't consciously been thinking about it but it set off an "AMEN" or "EXACTLY" trigger. It's a passion I've had for a while but being inside the Christian bubble and the Pastor bubble I so often become guilty of that very thing. Thanks for being raw. Ultimately those thoughts resurfaced in a post I wrote this morning...

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