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May 31, 2005


I learned this about 24 months ago too.

At the time I had subscribed to just about everything .NET - and eventually I found it a chore to read through some 150 posts daily. Even skimming them.

I now subscribe to about 12 feeds. Oddly enough, two of yours - Scoble and Scripting - I visit daily, but through my browser. There's an additional 10 sites I'll do that with.

Here's the thing with those two:

(1) Abbreviated RSS stinks. It usually forces me to visit the site anyways.

(2) These two provide the most links of interest of any blogs I visit. Most times the best way for me to enjoy their posts involves a browser anyways.

(3) The sheer number of daily posts these two do means my preference is to visit once daily and quickly read what interests me - something I ccan accomplish much quicker in a browser anyways.

(4) Scoble also has alot of comments, including many great ones. I know where he's at with his RSS fervor, but I can't believe anyone would even think of using his comment feed (if he has one).

Very, very hard to come up with just 5. But here we go.

1) Tom Peters
2) Scobleizer
3) Micro Persuasion
4) Business2blog
5) Seth Godin

Wow, Tom Peters? I unsub'd just last week. Hrm.

Anyway, I've done you one better Brian, I made -two- lists, one of which is my Bottom 5. Cue the controversy!


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