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May 18, 2005


Jason Looney

Hilarious because it's true. While a few of these might not be true for everyone, I am, quite sadly, 10-for-10.

Do these things help explain the rapid rise of blogging? After all, blogs give people a way to try their hand at nearly all of these...



That's so funny and true. Love #9. #9. #9. Hey look, I'm writing a song!


i still have the very first top 10 list you wrote for me ... i'm thinking about turning it into a song, or a children's book or maybe a eulogy

phil crissman

Great post, I like the list. It's mentioned in many programming books (especially those with an emphasis on a corporate environment) that everyone seems to think they know how to program computers. That dovetails with #2 on your list, designing a web page, same idea.

Of course, the acid test is to simply try and do one of these things. I learned awhile back that I can't write song lyrics; I learned this while attempting to write song lyrics. Funny, how that worked.

OTOH, I would say you show promise as a writer of top ten lists. ;-)


We live at a great time for trying all the things we think we can do! Everything you mention can be done on the Internet.

See, I'm still delusional!


You sound just like my mother - YOU can't do this, YOU can't do that. Don't discourage the people around you. Bad Karma coming your way.

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