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June 13, 2005


I used to have my differences with Dave. Occassionally I'd even be public too. But all told, I agree - while he inspires very loyal or very critical emotions in people, he has really not been credited his due respect anymore.

That said Brian, I think you better check out whatever you did....

Both your blog and Scoble's hung in Safari this morning. Scoble's I didn't check - I noticed he had no new posts. But your's...

Saw no posts until I hit the stop button. Then I saw everything - except for the "link" you put out there. Happened again - exactly - when I went to comment.

I get the text about "this simple, little badge:", blank white space below it, followed by the rest of the post. Also, on your right hand side bar the topmost image is not loading.

Off the top of my head it's like your server isn't pulling that simple, little badge from Dave Winer's server? If so, it's hanging the page load - and doing it before rendering your posts in Safari.

It looks like the Feedmap.net link is currently down, which Scoble and I both have on our sites (along with many others). I took it off my site for now so there won't be a page load problem. Thanks for the heads up.

The Thanks Dave! image is on my server (well, TypePad), not Dave's. He wasn't involved in my little idea :)


If you want that hover-text to display properly in Firefox, you should place it in a "title" attribute. Ostensibly (and actually, I believe) an a-href should have a title and not an alt, and Firefox (perhaps incorrectly) ignores the alts of img tags wrapped in a-hrefs.

Just happened to notice....

BTW, I agree that we owe a lot to Dave.

Thanks for the heads up, Cori. It's fixed.

I agree. It's going on my blog. Although sadly, I am just waiting patiently for the inevitable backlash to this.

Link added at http://alifeonthenet.com and most happy to do so.

Brian, thanks for the Thanks Dave! badge and idea. I stole the badge and put it in my blog. I agree with you that Dave deserves the recognition.

Sorry but Dave Winer doesn't deserve it because:

He doesnt' have blog roll on his blog.

He doesn't have comments to posts in his blog (like Scoble for example).

It's up on my site, (but I personalized the message).

Thanks, Dave. My button is posted here:

-- Bret

Mahalo Brian, I've added it to both of my blogs:

http://www.nahenahe.net/ and


I've been using Dave's tools for as long as I can remember, and following his lead as well, so quite appropriate.



I'm Sparticus!

Yeah, go on then - I've put the badge on my site as Dave certainly deserves the recognition and long may he continue to do so.

Seem to have problems with the Title attrib on my Wordpress blog but it's there.

Its up! :)

Thanks Dave!


This is great.

I'm not one of those guys who can't handle gratitude.

Let's have fun.

Still diggin!

Every time I take a walk with a podcast in my ear, I think of Dave's inventions and thank him. My cardiologist thanks him too.

Added to http://blogjet.blogware.com/blog


done, http://www.mobilejones.com

Thanks, Dave.

Dave's Scripting News was the first blog I ever looked at. And that was as a result of reading the Wired article about him years(!) ago. I have learned a great deal from Dave both directly from his blog, and indirectly from the links I have followed.

If I had a blog I would display the "Thanks Dave!" badge. But I will have to content myself with following his blog on a daily basis (and about 50 others, too). Thanks, Dave. And thanks also to Brian for doing this.

Great idea Brian,

Added to http://www.reallydull.com/blog/.

I agree wholeheartedly.

Like many folks, I enjoy the fruits of Dave's labor on a daily basis. I've added it to my site. Keep on keepin' on, Dave.

I don't do the artwork thing on my sites so it won't be there. But, I like Dave and enjoy his totally open frankness. Some take it abrasively but they're just thin-skined cowards generally. :-)

Brian, this post just echos my thoughts exactly. I have thought for a long time that the genius, and I DO mean genius behind all of this has been Wave Diner. Thanks for taking the time. And Dave, you rock.

I'm glad to put it up on my site. Dave and his software has been a huge part of my life since MORE.

I'm happy to see so many people feel the same way I do about him. Keep pushing Dave!

For me, the crucial event that turned my blog from political drudgery into the crazy collage that gives my friends the giggles was googling "boston blogger" and wondering, "Who is this guy named 'Dave Winer'? And is David Weinberger somebody different or is one of them just a pen name for the other?" Not to mention RSS, OPML, Bloggercons, the end of boring panels at conventions, and more...Thanks, Dave! And thanks to Brian too, for dreaming this up.

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