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July 31, 2005


Whooo, big bummer. I suppose it doesn't help to know that there'll soon be 3 Apple stores within 30 minutes of you, huh? Even though it pains me, I always get the 3 year warranty - on Dell's, that is. Hope you get your PB back soon.

Buy a Dell ;)

Or, for those of us with daring-do.. you can install all of those things yourself.

I replaced my superdrive by myself. (a lavalamp of all things fell on my PB and broke the drive)

Granted, you'll usually need some tiny screwdriver to open things up, but for a post-warranty computer, I'd really suggest it. -- Unless you've got butterfingers.

Check out http://www.pbfixit.com/Guide/ for all your self-repair needs!

Steve's vision is... Apple hardware doesn't break, software is perfect and all users can solve all problems. With this "vision" the Genius Bar makes perfect sense... but the reality is Apple's Dealer / Service Network silently fixed millions of Apple //'s and Macs over the last 28 years. Now Apple thinks it can do a better job, cheaper with more customer satisfaction. Sadly, it's not going to work. Hardware repair is complex, time consuming and is full of "gotchas". If Apple was smart, they would halt ALL repair through the Geniuses, and get back to basics of providing "info only". Apple needs to understand they need to push the hard stuff back to Apple Service Providers, User Groups and Apple Consultant Network members, otherwise this growing "line" will reach outside the doors, just like opening day.

I'd say buy the Apple-care; always, without hesitating. It just makes life that much easier if anything happens.

To most people, I now recommend Apples over Dells; the main reason is that I presume they are not "ultra-tech savvy", and I know they'll have less (zero?) virus/spyware problems if they're on a Mac.

You, on the other hand, I'm sure can run Windows without being infected, so I suppose it comes down to your preference. ;-)

Thanks for all the helpful feedback. I agree with the position that the Genius Bar should return to being a place for help and answers rather than repairs. There should be a separate outlet for that, even if it is still within the Apple Store.

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