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August 08, 2005


Brian, I think your ideas are great - especially for organizations where money investment is limited. A follow-up wuestion for you, though. How do you approach maintainability? Of course you deal with it somwehat for code by using open source and readily available solutions. But how do you do it for content? A major expense (usually unaccounted for) is the cost of maintaining the content - and more importantly at minimum risk of affecting the design. We all know the pains of fixing pages broken by untrained maintenance attempts. Is there anything you are doing within or outside the limits of COFFEE to deal with teh very real expense of site content maintenance?

Interesting project if I may say so.

If I might humbly suggest..it could be within your vision and mission to increase the type size of these posts. Just something to think about as you continue with your redesigns. (From someone who's not yet ordering Large Print editions from the library :)

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