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August 10, 2005


Brian, you are really hitting home runs with your COFFEE philosophy.

"I've learned that developers are equal parts optimistic and pessimistic. A leader's job is to discern which they are being at this exact moment and adjust accordingly."

Never have I read such a succinct yet spot-on analogy! Kudos.

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"I've learned that developers are equal parts optimistic and pessimistic."

This statement resonated with me as well; I've observed this tendency even in myself. Seems strange to me, as I usually consider myself optimistic, but occasionally a project is proposed and the first reaction is simply "You want *which* elephant to fit in *which* shoebox?" ;-)

On the "open" point, growing versus buying or building; that's a great point. In the instances here where we have taken that approach, the result has been a big success.

BTW, thanks for the link yesterday!

Thanks for the high praise! This has been very fun to write. The Fast post should be out today.

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