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September 25, 2005


I agree with a lot of your list but I was especially pleased to see you list Sports Night. It is one of my top 3 shows and very few people are aware of it. It is unfortunate it didn't get more of a chance because I think it could have been up there with shows like Seinfeld and MASH.

Well, I have to put The West Wing at the top my list also and I like Sports Night being in there also. I think it could have done better. In fact, I think TV Guide called it one of the best shows on TV that nobody's watching.

I agree Arrested Development is one of the most innovative comedies to come along in years. Too bad its already resorting to risque subject matter to make us laugh. As a Christian dad, I now cant let my kids watch it. By the way, here's some inside scoop about one of the cast members: Tony Hale, the actor that plays Buster Bluth is a strong Christian guy. He grew up at my church.

Happy B-day Brian! You and I share the same world entry date :-)

Favorite shows of all time? That's tough...but "24" would be towards the top for me. I can't wait for the next season to get started.


I loved the list -- It came up when I was looking for an online script of "The Finale" from season 4 of "Mad About You." The rawnessm, from both of them, that came after Jaime's admission of "I kissed Doug Berkus" is memorable, and worth reviewing.

Anyone know where such a script can be found?

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