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October 02, 2005


This service is great Brian. I checked out the message, and it was an amazing use of technology. And of course, Ed did a great job of preaching the word. Fellowship is a very blessed congregation with so many outstanding leaders. Thank you for making time to share the word with those not in your immediate area (I'm in Milwaukee, WI).

The new streaming is awesome. The quality is great.

Really great video quality! I wanna hear more about how you did it!

Thanks for the great feedback. It's always helpful to hear the first reports from the early adopters!

Scoble - we'll be laying out a lot of the details this week.


Superb streaming methods brian! It's like HD web TV. Very well done. I love the Kryzak-ian shell that it sits in too! I look forward to the follow up post of "exactly how we did what we did." I would love to know how much of the final product is impacted by the fact that FC records in HD? Would it be similar quality for those (the rest of the world) who don't film in HD?

I love it.... I watched the entire service (again)through the new video console.

To keep the output quality high, you do need a clean input. A recording off of a decent DV camera should be fine. We are actually encoding the web video from a DVD source, rather than the original HD tapes. You should be safe as long as you can burn your video to DVD and it looks sharp on a computer monitor.

WOW! Absolutely amazing, and like you said, flawless delivery.

This is amazing. You should detail how you did this! I would love to know for my own company and webcasting for the future.

Excellent picture and audio. You could produce a really cool vblog with that set-up.

I am curious about why you chose Flash over QuickTime and Real Video considering that Darwin Streaming Server and Helix DNA Server are both open source and available for Linux.

Also, are you using Sorenson Squeeze 4 to compress the video?

sounds very interesting - cant wait to read on..
I really hope you publish some further infos soon!

So when are you guys gonna set this up to sell this techology to other churches =) I am definately interested in it for us. Love the look! Very clean!

Sweet! I love the speed and quality of your video and audio.

As a follow up question to everyone else, are you guys willing to share how you did what you did? On a more detailed scale.

Our church is looking into video streaming, but want to have live streaming as well. I've seen a few companies that will serve our needs, but would really like to do in all in house on our servers.


I'm trying to implement a live stream on our website www.lighthousechapel.org. Can you please help with guidelines via email.Thanks and God Bless you.

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