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October 19, 2005



I am a developer, and looked over the requirements for the developer position. I understand the requirement to be a Christian to work at a church, but why the requirement to be a member of Fellowship church?

That position sounds very interesting, and just the kind of thing I am interested in pursuing, but I am not interested in leaving my current church for the sake of a new job.

Brian Bailey

Excellent question. In 98% of our hiring, we look for people who are already members of FC. These are committed people who are plugged in, serving, and passionate about the vision of the church. Obviously, we are very blessed to have such a broad pool of people to pull from.

In highly specialized areas, like the web, we will consider Christ-followers who are not currently members, but feel called to become part of FC.

Why? Because it truly is a ministry, not a job. As much as we want people who eat, sleep, and breathe the web, we want people who eat, sleep, and breathe FC. You need to be truly connected to the life-change that is happening all around you. You need see the connection between the weekend and what we do. You need to be part of the ministries that you support.

I can't imagine being sold out to the amazing things we get to work on, along with the incredible demands, Monday through Friday, and then worshipping somewhere else on the weekend.

Hope that helps!

John Swaringen


We have a good friend who works for FC and she really likes it. I'd love to work there too, but am not ready to leave where I am since I really believe in the ministries I'm working with.


I have to sympathize with "ltw's" position. My wife and I were members of Fellowship Church, and chose to go a different direction. To me, one of the things that has bothered me about FC is an almost "elitist" attitude on the part of some of the staff, and leadership. Even down to the hometeam level. To me, in the year that we were members, I got the sense that if it's not "FC or Ed Young" authorized then, to borrow a Monty Phython phrase, "Run away... Run away..."

I hope you'll be able to find somebody to fill these posts from the "rank and file". I just think it's a shame that somebody has to be excluded from the "applicant pool" because they're not "Followers of Ed" (sorry that may sound harsh).

Hopefully we can still be friends.

Good Luck!!

Brian Bailey


Good to hear from you, but you're way off in your comment.

You'll notice that my comment never mentioned Ed once. How can someone be called to ministry (remember, it's a ministry not a job) but not want to attend the church? Can you imagine a Youth Pastor who handles the Wednesday youth services, but then attends a different church on the weekend?

There's an incredible sense of ownership when you are part of the church and ministries you serve 5 days a week. We want our graphics, design, and content to reflect the very life of the church - something that is very difficult if you're not part of that life.

Glad you found a place you love...there's nothing like the local church!

John Swaringen

I really wasn't trying to make a point about Ed, more a point about attitude. I agree with you that it (web developer) should be a ministry position, but the way I approach it, every position (job) is a ministry position just not always with a church.

I have an incredible sense of ownership with any thing I do, be it my neighborhood assoc. website, or a commercial website I develop for somebody else. I think what I'm saying is, that by only looking inside FC for employees you're limiting your pool of prospects, and in my personal opinion, limiting yourself to “your choice” and not “God’s choice”. But that’s just me.

From what I’ve read of the employment application, and from what I know of it having applied before. What if somebody is currently a member somewhere else, say in another geographic area, do they have to switch to FC, join a home team, serve as a volunteer, BEFORE they can be considered? I don’t think that’s clear at all.

Just my opinion.

D. Goodmanson

I'd like to hear more about what you are doing. We just put together a team of developers to do some web 2.0 for local churches. Just wrapping up component 1 of Ekklesia Systems http://www.ekklesia-systems.com/MainSite/products/

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