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November 22, 2005


I was excited to see the site but... is it down or does the site just not support Mac?

I tried opening in both Safari and Firefox and both of them failed to open, trying to download "jacobswellchurch.org" as if it were a file.

That's very strange - I'm getting that on a few pages in both IE and Firefox. That hasn't been an issue before, so hopefully it's temporary problem that will be fixed shortly.

Try going to this link directly:


ahh that works, thanks.

wonder what the problem is...

Very cool. I really like the community, weblogs and people sections as well as the bios.
I think it could scale in some format and actually may be more needed in a larger church rather than a smaller one.

(I'm the guy who put together the Jacob's Well site...)

I'm afraid we're still struggling with some server glitches that cause the site to go down occasionally; sorry about that Jesse.

As for scaling, that was actually part of the reason we built the site in the first place. The church grew to the point of having more than one service, and it started to create some disconnect -- there hundreds of people whose faces I might never see, because they went to the other service. Part of the goal of the site was to bridge that gap. Larger scale, it also allows people to feel "in" the community even if they move away, which IMHO is a wonderful side effect.

Scott, that's an impressive job ... and if I had lots of money I would hire you :-)

Your website might be the first church website I've come across that allows people to subscribe with iCal.

Two suggestions:

1) provide an RSS feed for your news page

2) provide a site map

Scott beautiful job - many congratulations. I've shown the rest of the team here and it's just got us dreaming :-)

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