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November 18, 2005


dan ohlerking

thanks for all the info. i can relate to the desire to online-ize everything. i thought that going laptop with maximum connectivity would do it for me, but there's always that one situation where the file or info i need is on my laptop and i need it to be somewhere else. going totally online would save me in those situations.

then there's the argument for it that you've presented so painfully well here about hard drive crashes.... that's all i need.

the info you've given is gonna help me make the move. you pushed me over the line.


Barry Bowen

Several server-based tools have become invaluable for me. I save private notes to Yahoo notepad. For example, I have one note containing all my usernames and passwords so that I will have a backup of this information if my hard drive crashes.

My aggregator of choice is the open source zFeeder which I run on my own server. All of the subscriptions are saved to an OPML file. In my opinion, Fellowship Church could use a web-based aggregator to keep your members informed about church news.

For bookmarks I operate the open source Scuttle on my server. It is a clone of del.icio.us written in php.


With the exception of a news reader, you could achieve all of the same results with a .Mac account. Email, address book, bookmarks, file backup, groups ... It's all there in one place. Thats what I use and it all works great, especially if you're using multiple Macs.

Chris Marsden

I have .mac to be exceptionally slow. I like the idea of having everything online, and cross platform, but when I am on my mac laptop, I would prefer to use the mac apps. I use gmail, but through the mail app. I have my address book backed up to my .mac account. What are the syncing options to my mac (for when internet is not available) for backpack and writeboard. I don't want to be dependant on an internet connection, since working outside is such a nice option sometimes.


Hey, that's quite a list. I just started using gmail, and I believe it's the web based mail service of the future. Yahoo and Hotmail just have too much advertising going on. I've also changed my homepage to google.com/ig, instead of the My Yahoo page. Much cleaner interface.

I've been using Blogger for blogging purposes, and I wish I could give it five stars. Hopefully they will integrate some categories in the near future.

I hadn't seen Backpack. Gonna go check that one out.

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