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January 22, 2006


I find it bitter sweet, I hate to see the show go but I have 0 interest in Santos or his administration. If it had gone on for another season I would have been watching for Josh and, though I love the character, he can't carry a whole show by himself.

Plus, on the Josh topic, it might free up Bradley Whitford to work on Sorkin's new Show (its rumoured that Sorkin wanted him for the lead but that his West Wing duties stood in the way)

Watching it right now.

"...hurry up and write your next show"

No kidding!

Brian -- This has been a sad day for me as well. I, like you, schedule my night around the west wing. The show has not been GREAT for several years, but it still blows away most other shows. I new the thing was coming to end when they moved the show to Sunday nights....but I had hope. The only thing good is that Soprano's is ramping up!


Yea, I hate to see it go, but with the move to Sunday, I hadn't got to see it as much. With it being on Wednesday night, I knew I could catch it after church and/or the boys went to bed. With it being on Sunday at 8, the boys sometimes were not in bed yet and that made it hard to watch.

West Wing was certainly a good show. Even thought I didn't get to see it regularly, each time I did see it, it was captivating. I have to wonder if West Wing's audience will simply shift over to "Commander and Chief" as a source of white house drama....

The Left Wing - the best show on Television? You've got to be kidding. Criminal Minds on CBS, The Closer on TNT, CSI:NY, or my personal favorite Battlestar Galactia (j/k... although I do watch it). Then again... I'll bet you're a fan of Seinfeld... I just never got it.

Thanks for the comments, guys. It's great to hear from other fans.

John, guilty as charged. Seinfeld is my second-favorite show of all-time! I think you had West Wing all wrong, though. The writing and perspectives were incredibly intelligent and as fair as you could expect. In fact, much more so than the typical sitcom or news "debate" show with side remarks treated as gospel. WW regularly presented both sides of issues very well and, if nothing else, showed that most political debates are very complex and not simply black & white.

The West Wing is my absolute favorite tv-show ever.

"Commander and Chief" just started to air on tv in Norway a month back. I watched the first episode, andthis really can't be compared to TWW. Not even close be the same, just because both the shows takes place in the white house.

I will always love TWW. I have season 1-6 on DVD and I can't wait till number 7.

Today I have order a s-shirt, color of blue, with the text 'TWW' on the left front just above the heart, and the text '14th May 2006' on the back.

Guess what I will be wearing in about two weeks from now :)

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