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February 05, 2006


I noticed this the other day. I wrote a single rant article about Crown Financial Ministries a few weeks ago, and it's in the top 5 results if you search for "crown financial" on Google. I think it's cool, because it's means us little guys can keep the big boys accountable.

Nathan: One of the downfalls of title-weighted search results is time frame. I wrote a post titled "West Wing Season Premier" two years ago, which received a lot of traffic this year. I kept thinking I should add an apology at the top of the post, or at least write a review of the most recent premier.

I liked your perspective on the "crown financial" class, by the way.

First result, or eleventh result?

I've been looking for a good tracking device/system for my blog. What do you recommend?

My website is primarily links, not articles, but I've noticed the same phenomenon.

When the big tsunami hit Asia at the end of 2004, I compiled a long list of articles about Christian relief efforts and was in the top five listings for "Christian tsunami relief" on Google and Yahoo. My website received hundreds of visits from people using those words and similar keywords.

Last year I compiled a list of 154 articles about Christian disaster relief efforts after the hurricanes hit the Gulf coast. Same response: hundreds of people visited my website. The bookmark program that I use is similar to del.icio.us and generates an RSS feed which I featured on my home page for several months. If you are curious, you can see the list of articles here:


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