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May 17, 2006


Nathan Smith

Wow, super-star! I gots to get me one of them books, with your signature on it, so I can sell it on eBay.

Laura Bailey

Brian- that was awesome! I'm so glad that I checked in on here today and got to see the article. Your writings are a pleasure to read!

Andy "Suck-up-to-the-boss" Knight

Way cool, Brian. Congratulations. I bet you didn't know that I was once quoted in my high school paper!

Jimmy Williams


That's so cool! Congrats!!!


Nathan: Your request for an autographed copy of the book has been recorded. Please provide your credit card number and I'll charge it as soon as the book is ready.

Laura: Thanks, sis!

Andy: Your kind words have been duly noted in your file.

Jimmy: Thanks a lot!

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