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July 23, 2006


Good post. I really liked this one.

Man....someone is bringin' The Word!!!!

You must have seen something or, umm..."done something" to think about this one. The crazy thing is, sometimes I am having to tell my son something that he needs to do or think about. Then I feel a proding on my shoulder from God saying..."Are you listening to what you are saying...I have been tellin you the same thing!". Parenting is awesomely humbling. But there certainly is no substitute for it and it is priceless. It's importance is only second to being a husband.

You are right on the money Brian! Parenting is hard work but most rewarding!


Man, that's was a great post.

How many times have I done that...more than I'd want anyone to know.

Thanks for the reminder.

I have thought about this a lot. Sometimes felt guilty for not being "fully with" my children.

Part of it comes down to our societal structure. Did people spend more quality time together in the "old days"? Well, maybe they did, or maybe they lost themselves in their spinning and whittling. The difference was that families had to be together communally, work together, solve problems together to survive.

Perhaps we are the victims of our own techno-leisure environment?

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