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October 11, 2006


OK. I'm so out of touch that you had me completely fished in! Thanks so much for including that last line. Without it I would have likely made a total fool of myself today at work.

Great post, Brian! :)

Great post Brian! Very funny and awesome details!

Until the last line, I was so confuzed, I was thinking why in the world would apple buy a band, and for so much money......

Dear Brian!
I published cutted version in Russian here:


Thank you for cool idea!

You are dangerously good at this!! We could totally start a bunko PR agency ;)

I love the band U2 and thought this was hilarious. thank you.

Clever, and good work!

Dude, I totally bought it. I'm forwarding this to nbc to see if they will too. :)

Thank heavens I read the other comments first. Since I was so stunned with the information itself, I never bothered to read the last line. I was too busy with who I was gonna call as I thought my sources had let me down.
Blog On
Cynthia (Still plugging the Blogging Church)
(BTW, what added to the credibility is the band's move from Island to Mercury?)

Holy cow! I almost posted a link to this article on my blog! Actually, maybe I will post a link anyway, just for fun! Great post, Brian!

Genius, pure genius!

Great post Brian! I'm a big U2 fan and really enjoyed this Friday afternoon laugh :)

I didn't bought it at the beginning, but then seeing that software package that you have as the picture of the post, made me think about it, and i was like, common this cannot be true, and then the final file under pardoy was a relief, thanks for the laugh.

Dude. I was getting excited about the U2 jampack. I started to make myself a note to get that. Until I read the last line :(. Great Post!

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