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November 03, 2006


Dean Shareski

I never watched West Wing or Sports Night but am really enjoying Studio 60. Being a fan of SNL and any "making of" productions, it's a perfect fit for me.
I don't get the sense its full of itself but certainly translates the pressure and time constraints of producing a weekly live TV show.

I hope it continues, to be it's the best new show out there.

stephen shields

i find myself mostly agreeing with you. I too loved West Wing. I had stopped watching it after the 2nd or 3rd season and recently picked it back up on DVD and now am just waiting for the last season to come out. (I know Sorkin left the show, but it still held my attention). after a great 1st episode, it's just been downhill. and the skits it has shown simply haven't been funny. i'm hoping that these what seem to be almost universal sentiments ab the show will be taken to heart and the show can be steered around to people and issues that are compelling, instead of stabbing at gravitas that just isn't there.


L.L. Barkat

I can't remember the last time I watched TV. Perhaps the audience they're reaching for, as you seem to imply, has gone on to other things.


It's not over yet. NBC just ordered 3 more scripts. I think they want it to work out.


I totally agree Brian. I've never seen the law of diminishing returns more applicable than here. Week 1 was great…. .week 2 was good.... Week 3... I may have fallen asleep during the show... Week 4, I forgot to DVR it... and yadda yadda yadda. It’s falling off the radar for me. I did like John Goodman’s character in the show last night... but still... There’s not enough for me to like to make it a weekly staple. Most of the characters seem miserable week in and week out. And further more... the sketches that the show is presenting to their production are totally not funny... Which is a lot like SNL these days.

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