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December 08, 2006


Brian --

Great post! This is a huge issue in business today as well as in the church with so many churches giving staff or senior staff blackberries. ...being together but being isolated. The point about perceived dispensability is right on -- many think they need to get that next message ASAP. The term "Crackberries" is quite accurate, I think. I recently went to lunch where the executive pastor that invited me spent teh lunch multi-tasking by listening to me and checking his blackberry at the same time.

Steve Lavey
Executive Pastor
Park Community Church

I agree, great post, Brian. Thanks for the thoughts and perspective.

My wife and I both work for our church and plan on having kids sometime in the next 5 years. We both have BlackBerrys and both constantly monitor them (except on "date night"). Needless to say, we've got some habits to break.~

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